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Wow .. seeing them posted all together in one post: Already many in which they mentioned Europe!! Sugeee~!! *__________* Hope some more will follow XD

Thanks for posting dear!


You're welcome dear!

Hope the next one will be Sho being all "I've been suddenly spamed by foreign fans last week" XDDDDDDD

i've already got 2 permission to repost the hardsubs, when I get all of them, I'll make another post for the videos ^^y


So... why the hell was this posted on my vox??? i don't understand a single thing to vox ;^;
I wanted it to be posted on the group only T_________T


Sou sou!! Also hope that the next one will be Sho Beat with a totally overwhelmed Sho-chan *gg* Ah that would be ii ne!!

Ah sugee!! Great great! ^___________^V We really get our little "Arashi and Europe" collection ne *hehehe* This will look really great then!
Demo sad that we cannot edit each other posts .. well of course it's a good thing .. demo if you for e.g. write the post with the vids and I want to help out with uploading or find another vid to put in that post .. I cannot do that, then you have to upload it and put it in .. somehow a little bit maaah. But I think we can handle this ne XDD Was just a thought I just got ^^;;;; *lol*


Well unfortunately those posts will always be posted in your own blog >.< That's the stupid thing of vox. >.< Demo you can edit the post and say "only visible for you". Then no one can see it in your vox except for yourself. But it will still be there ne >.< Stupid thing.


Sugoi! Otsukaresamadeshita~~!!!

Ahh to post just in the group you must go to Groups, and in Groups u are moderating (don't know the title since mine is in spanish xD), there is sth named Post in a group, there the post won't be shown in ur vox

There lots of mails ne! Hope they read more of overseas fans! *_*


I don't think it will be mentionned in the Sho Beat from tomorrow but maybe we'll get a little chance in the one from next Sunday. And even if it isn't, maybe we'll get a little mention of the spam in some random interview, that's the point ne!

I've always wanted to make a collection of this, so I'm really happy to be able to participate ^0^y

This is really weird ne, I thought we would be able to edit eachothers post... anyway, we'll do as i did for adding the magazines translations, I'll post it in the comments and you'll edit it ^^


I'll do that next time! (sorry, that was my first time posting on vox XD)



Ah Matsubunny just said a method on how to do it, I'll do this next time!!!
It will be easier for keeping track of things ne >< *kills vox*


Hai because they record the shows in advance ne. But like you said, it doesn't really matter if he reads the letters in the show as long as they notice the spam of European mails and mah .. would be great if they mention them somewhere so we get a sign that they know XDD

Hahaha our own European collection .. it's really amazing if you see all that in one blog!!! Didn't think it's that much already ne! Sugee~!!!

Yeah also thought that at least we hosts would be able to edit eachothers posts .. mah demo daijoubu. Like you said just comment and then edit ^.~


Haha i was late when i sent the message Nanao-chan already commented, she is right, the post will be on ur Vox but just you will be able to see it there ;)

Me wants more mails too!!

Ahh Arashi@vox pm me, suggesting to send Jun postcards better than mails, since Jun usually just reads mails which answer his question (baka do-s ¬¬ xDD), but since this new corner is Challenge no Arashi...a good mail could be...."Do-S sama, wouldn't be a good challenge to come to Paris? *__* " XDDD


(why is my post suddenly showing up in the group now XDDD I STILL DON'T UNDERSTAND THE WONDERS OF VOX)

I remember it took 2 weeks for Jen's mail to get read, so I'm expecting nothing for tomorrow. And the most important is indeed that this spam will be noticed! I can't see how the guy choosing email won't notice Sho about this or he would be a real jerk ><

Yep, compiling this all gives hope ne! And it's always great to flail about it XDDDD *can't wait to be able to post the videos!*


I'm not following Jun-style, so if you could make a good comment on what we should do about writting to Jun, I'll edit my post at Lj with it. And if we all need to send him a postcard, then we'll do that XDDD


I just thought that if we want to make the more people write to Jun, we need a kind of Japanese message template.
I can have Nathalie to do it, but we need to decide what we must really do about Jun.


I also thought about such a thing. A Japanese template. So we could also write to the other boys. Well I can write a bit Japanese demo it's not enough for an email. Maybe we really could post something like that .. but then again .. would be strange if the boys get the exact same mail over and over from different people or? ^^;;;

Mah yeah .. what to do with our Jun-hime??? Hmmm .. demo maybe he won't be able to do anything at all cause Hanadan filming starts soon and he won't be in japan??? Doushio? >.<


Hummm... about this maybe we should wait a little, see if there is some feedback from Sho's side, and if there's note, we should send another spam but to Jun.
As for the template being the same, well that can't be helped, maybe we should do 2 or 3 different templates, but in each one, we'll state that "I don't speack really good Japanese, so we all gathered together to send you as much mails as possible so you'll hear your message", so he'll understand why it's always the same.
And then we should do as for now, same title message for everytone, except thet you state your name and your country, so he'll know that each time, it's someone different ^^


Ahhh that's true...Jun now is gonna go to HK and Usa...(gonna die without JunStyle T__T)

Yup! A japanese template would be very very good, i've wrote my mail to sho-kun yesterday, but i have to check it and..i think is....a little...mess xD, so gonna ask my friend also.

Maybe we should write the important sentences in japanese as template (like..i'm from..., i love arashi..i'm a arashi fan, please do a concert in Paris..) something like that, since we will all write those kind of sentences ne, so everybody can use them


Ah sou sou! That's great!! Think it's a good idea to make 2 or 3 templates and then write something like, sorry not good in Japanese so we helped each other with the mail. Then they also see that we stick together! Ii ne!

And yeah .. maybe we should wait a bit and then do our spamming to the other boys. ^.~

You know someone who can help out with the Japanese mails? (Ahahahaha... feel so useless ^^;;;;)


Did he record 3 Jun Style in advance? i remember Yamapi once said he was recording his radio show in his room between two concert rehersals XDDD Maybe he'll still do one while he's abroad... well we'll see.

For the templates, it will be really easy for people to fill blanks, like finding your country in katakana using Wikipedia languages links.


Yes I know one (Nathalie. There's still Nyanchan also who would be able to help I think)
The only full mail I wrote in Japanese was for Sho, and it was very basic sentences XDDDD
Anyway once again, as long as they notice it and get the message, anything we could do will be fine ne!


Ah not sure ne, if he recorded many shows in advance or if he maybe do an overseas recording XDD Hahaha let's see ^.~

Sou sou .. think that's daijoubu to fill in the blanks. Shouldn't be a big problem. And if someone doesn't have a clue about katakana then writing it in romaji shouldn't be a problem also, deshou?



Since it's already stated in the mail that it's a template and the person is foreign, that really should be a problem, I think he would understand and even find it cute for the effort XD


Hai hai! I have also my friend who can and will help us!

Hmm...maybe he would do it, will wait for Kikinini translation of JunStyle, but i think i understood what Jun asked us to write.

The mails i can write are also too basic....^^;;; but gambaro!! ò.ó hahaha

When they see 50 mails like...Arashi in Paris 2008....they will be a little O.O xDDD


Then we're counting on you about this ne! Notify us when you know what we have to write \o/

I hope there will be more than 50 m    ails!!!!


Hi Winkichan! Hopefully it's not a problem to add you to my neighboardhood. I'm so happy with the translation of the radio shows. I'm so happy to be the peruvian fan who went to ARASHI Time Concert & give them my peruvian flag through Aibachan's mom. Great Experience!  It will be great if for 2009 a lot of foreigner fans get together to surprise them & show them our love :)

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