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XD I'll add you to my neighbourhood ne. I've got nth on my vox as wwell..just set up an account so as to comment. Same situtaion! ^_^ I still prefer my old blog host which has been with me since years ago. heh


No problem ^^ I've just added you back


[いいですね] watashi mo atarashii membaa desu ^^ yoroshiku onegai shimasu ^^ j'adore Arashi aussi et je pense que nous pouvons etre  bonnes amies, I've added u to my nieghborhood so please add me too nee?  let's have fun !!!


Just added you back ^^y


thank you for adding me back, winkychan~! \( ^-^ )/


You're welcome ^^y
Oh btw, I have a tiny small request, can I use your translation of Cool and Soul Dome version? (ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO YOU TO HAVE TRANSLATED IT!) I just want to do a matching comparison with the original, that's all. WITH PROPER CREDITS OF COURSE XD
Well if it's ok with you of course ^^;;;;


Omg, of course! I'd be honoured if you want to use my translation (seeing as how they're not perfect) ^_^


THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!! I don't care if they're not perfect (i've found the original kanji of the "atarashii message" if this can be of some help?), at least now I can watch AAA+ without scratching my head and being opressed by the fact that I don't get the "new message" XDDD


winky-chan.. akaisuki here.. same akaisuki from eljay ^_^

btw, i made gif of your bebeh on their new GRA ep..
i just cant help it >_< he's so cute XDDD


Hiiiiiiii!!!!! \o/
Eh? The link is not working! T^T I STILL HAVEN'T WATCHED ANY GRA  *bangs head*

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